web deisgn

What is web design?

What is web design?

Web design ,Today, the Internet and its uses are everywhere, and its use is increasing day by day. In this case, all kinds of small and big companies, firms, or most businesses, are launching a website to promote or market their business on the online Internet.

One is the website JK can think of building for any purpose. For that purpose, a website can be created for online marketing, product promotion, providing online services, communicating with the customer, digital marketing, or for any other purpose.
Different types of websites can be created for different reasons.

Web Design

web deisgn


Now, those who design and create these different types of websites are called web designers. And, the web designers use their skills, experience, or processes to design or create a website is web designing.

Simply put, the process of designing or creating a website beautifully is called web design.

And, to design, create or maintain the websites of different companies or businesses, one needs a web designer with web design skills.

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Below I will tell you about what to learn in web designing, how long it will take to learn, how to learn web design, and how profitable this career is.

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